Hanna Provost
Partner | General Manager
Timothy Blaylark


Mr. Blaylark is currently a Corrections Officer with Ramsey County. His work includes counseling inmates and directing them to self-assisting programs that may assist with ending the cycle of re-offending.

Mr. Blaylark served as the Administrative Training Coordinator for the MSP Airport Police Department. He has held this position since 2007, in this position he works to develop and coordinate and implement training for the police department and MSP Airport. He currently was the lead instructor for the Airport Police and Badging processes (3000 staff trained to date); other trainings include but are not limited to CPR/AED/Blood borne Pathogens, Traffic Management, MN Safety Council and Smith Drivers Safety programming and course development via (LMS) Learning Management Systems.

Prior to this current position he was the Community Service Officer Program Coordinator for 7 years. In this position he provided, coordinated and implemented trainings for frontline supervisors, program training officers and Airport Police Department Community Service Officers. Created traffic management plans and coordinated special event traffic with outside agencies. His primary duty was the guidance and grooming of Community Service Officers to become reliable members of many metro area police agencies.

In addition to his full time position Mr. Blaylark hosts one of the largest youth martial arts programs in the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation system. Youth are trained in conflict resolution, self-de-escalation and physical agility. This training leads to greater focus in school, acceptance of and respect for authority figures in the child’s life and renewed self-respect. The ages range from 7 years of age to 14 years old. 


Partner | General Manager

Hanna Provost brings 11 years of management experience to Aegis Logistics, LLC.  Customer service, employee relations, security, as well as client management are some of her strong suits.  Hanna strives to make every client and employee feel unique and special. With her strong work ethic and interpersonal skills, Hanna helps to make Aegis Logistics the best in the security industry.  

Hanna has two grown daughters, loves Prince with a passion and enjoys spending time with her family.