Security Services


Minneapolis-based Aegis Logistics provides Executive Protection, Consulting and select Uniformed Security Services (Armed/Unarmed) for a variety of politicians, executives, organizations and businesses. Licensed in Minnesota, Aegis has also developed a network of strategic partners worldwide that enable us to serve our clients wherever their business takes them.

Aegis Logistics Private Uniformed Security Services are the most visible due to the nature in which they are deployed. Our Agents regularly interact with the public at large and need to be held to a higher degree of professionalism.

Aegis Logistics DOES NOT work with just any client.  Aegis focuses on a curated list of private clients that fully understand you get what you paid for.  Please click HERE; to submit a request for a quote.

Uniformed Security Services are offered as a solution to a broad base of security needs. These services include everything from preventing theft and criminal activity to protecting highly valued assets or patrolling specific properties, communities, or businesses, preventing unwanted access or watching over an Estate or home. Besides the social benefits of having protection by Aegis Logistics, the effects for some clients can go straight to their bottom-line; typically by reducing theft, lowered insurance premiums, even decreased turnover in the workplace.

Our Private Uniformed Agents cater to client demands in several forms or combinations. Our Uniformed Officers wear uniforms designed to give immediate visual identification as a security agent.

Aegis fully understands that security is a reputation based industry. The leadership of Aegis Logistics have more experience, training and credentials than any other private security company in the region. We work equally as hard in continuous education as we do in delivering high quality security services. We want to ensure that every employee has every available tool to do their job well, to represent Aegis with great professionalism, and protect our clients to the highest degree possible. Each Uniformed Agent makes a special effort not only to meet but also exceed expectations regarding their effort in the overall cooperative security effort.